Exciting news! The new Fotoform album is out now.

Dear friends and fans,

Earlier this fall, we decided to change our name from C'est la Mort to Fotoform. It's never an easy decision to step away from such a rewarding project. Simply put, we felt there was an inherent weight and sadness to the name that has taken a somewhat darker feel in light of recent world events, and we welcome the possibilities of Fotoform as a name, aesthetic and inspiration.

C’est la Mort began years ago as a project between Kim, Geoffrey, Karyn and Kirstin, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating and creating with some amazing people and musicians over the years. Jim, Machell, Josh, Phil, Greg, Garrett, and Stephen have all made significant contributions.

We will continue forward as Fotoform with Kim, Geoff, Garrett and Stephen and are excited to announce that our upcoming debut album as Fotoform will be coming out this spring, followed by some touring. We hope you will join us as we embark on this new phase of our journey.
Please connect with us on our new Fotoform Facebook page.

We love you.
née C’est la Mort

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